Musician’s Website Banner Design

Musician’s Website Banner Design

“I started making music in 2006 when I walked into an Apple computers store in Tigard, Oregon and decided to try Garageband with the midi keyboard set up there. I was completely enthralled and made a song inside the store. I ended up buying a Mac mini and a midi controller and started making music in Garageband while connecting the Mac Mini to a TV. A lot of my album Heartsong (The Early Mixes) was made with that setup in 2006.

I eventually bought a laptop, and in 2007 enrolled in music production school in Portland, Oregon. It was there I first learned how to make music with my current favorite music production DAW; Ableton Live. The majority of my music is made in Ableton Live, with some tracks from Garageband and a few from Logic Pro.

My latest music could be labeled Psybient Electronica, or Psy Trip Hop. Some of my older stuff is more a general Melodic Downtempo Electronica.

A couple big reasons I make music, is for spiritual enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. I believe the right music is intellectual activism. I use my discography in producing my videos. My first documentary will feature over 20 of my own original tracks. …”  — Omnisense

To read more or  listen to his amazing music please visit…www.omnisense.org

New Painting – A Breath of Tranquility

New Painting – A Breath of Tranquility

New painting! Just completed! This painting was inspired by one of my favored mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada, on Route 395.  The imposing peak in the front, is Mount Whitney. We have had some amazing moments in amazing places up there. Places one can only experience if one is willing to hike in the heat for a few hours. This painting is my expression of these moments.

“I know but one Freedom, and that is the Freedom of the Mind.”
 Antoine de Saint-Exupery