FAQ1“I know but one Freedom, and that is the Freedom of the Mind.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

headshot_editedI chose to be an artist by the age of 5, later again by the age of 12. That is what I wanted and what I have been doing ever since. Creativity, Imagination and Inspiration, there is nothing I would rather do. I love my work in all it’s facets…Fine Art, Illustrations and Design. Be it for  my own joy, or commercially assisting others to bring their visions and ideas to fruition. The wider the spectrum the better. But rather than going into a lengthy statement, I will let someone else describe my work…

Looking at the world, it’s easy to accept what we see without daring to change it, but for artists like Susi Galloway, painting new realities over old ones is just another day at the easel. Her imaginative paintings and artwork depict the fantastical, transforming the everyday into scenes of pure uplifting, bold adventures. In particular, her ability to impinge on the viewer with color is striking. Her emphasis on the sky injects a sense of space and openness that immediately pulls someone in and what she puts in the sky is often nothing short of miraculous.


Born and raised in Switzerland, cosmopolitan and with a background in Heraldic Art (a style inspired by knights, coats of arms and nobility),  she currently lives in Idaho creating commissioned paintings and illustrations, many of which have become children’s books or covers. Her art communicates a strong message of hope, creativeness and encourages people to dream. There are no boundaries in a Susi Galloway painting. She invites participation because as you look at her white clouds across a blue sky you get the feeling that you are moving them. She transports you to a dream world where anything is possible, where trees can fly just as much as fish can, where we tower over the ocean, spot a mermaid and bArtistreak free from anything trying to make us drown.girl


Imagine Salvador Dali and Frida Khalo painting together, minus the heartbreak and serious subject matter, put to the task of rekindling the human spirit through illusion and you get an idea of Susi Galloway’s work. One of her best arrows in her quiver is the color blue. Blue finds its way into the sky and onto the water in so many of her paintings. Not just any blue either. Big, bold, awe inspiring, imagination lifting blue. The kind of blue that reminds you how glorious the world is because we have such a color. Galloway’s art reminds you of what it must feel like to be an astronaut taking in the whole Earth from miles up. There is possibility to be had, ideas struck and paint splashed when one looks at one of her paintings.

Susi Galloway has produced an impressive body of work and she continues to capture the imaginations of her audience. There are too few individuals giving the world this type of pure universe creating inspiration and there is no doubt that Galloway’s work will spawn others. She takes us to the edge and shows us there isn’t one. Her art stretches into forever, dreamscapes for the dreamers. (Article by David Carus)