Recently I completed the illustrations for Deborah Smith Ford’s second book, from the series titled “Allie’s Adventures.” I have also created the animated book trailer below to accompany the book.

About Deborah Smith Ford:
Ford’s book series is called “Allie’s Adventures.” Due to the fact that the main character travels around the world the series was originally called “Allie’s Adventures Around the World.” Sometimes Ford still calls it that, but it was suggested that she make the title short and sweet. So she did. Two books under the series are either published or about to be. The first book is the award-winning “The Little Apple.” The second book is “The Little Goat in Africa.” Her books are written from the perspective of a child who sees the world in way only a child can on an apple farm in upstate New York, in the sunny south of Florida, in Kenya, Africa, and back. More journeys, adventures and critters met – some human, some not! “The Little Apple” is in a variety of formats – soft covered book, eBook and CD (song and narration). The second book will come out in both soft and hard cover editions. Some of the characters in this series are Allie, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle Jim, Splat, Milly, Miss Downing, Ruthie… MORE book characters and books to follow!

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