About the Book:
Have you ever wished dreams could come true? That’s what happens in “Tiana’s Nightly Dreams: Teakettle City’s First Cultural Tea Party.” A children picture story book for 3-10 year olds. The New Legacy Kids, led by an imaginative little girl called Tiana, go about their playful activities in Teakettle City, a city created in Tiana’s dreams. In this children book. Tiana bring Teakettle City into their waking lives, they learn behaviors that promote harmony and safety, in this children book.  www.teakettlecity.com


To learn n more about the characters of this colorful story please visit: www.teakettlecity.com/characters.  Teakettle City HomesChildrens Book by Herman Morris. Website: www.teakettlecity.com

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