FAQ – Terms and Conditions

My workload is currently high, therefore delivery times could  exceed the general timelines mentioned in point 3. below. Your patience is very much appreciated.

1.  What is the procedure?

For larger projects a minimum 50% deposit is required for any project to start. Final payment (50%) is due on approval of design, before artwork is e-mailed or shipped. Work begins upon receipt of order and of payment, and a general idea of  your vision for the design. You will receive a very unique and customized service. I will be in touch with you via e-mail or phone, and you will be able to give your creative input on the design and approve sketches before artwork is finalized.

2.  How long does it take?

All projects are done on a “First Come-First Serve” basis and all my work is done manually with pen, brush and paint.  Drafts will take typically 3 – 6 weeks, complex vector designs can take longer. Paintings can take several months depending on work load. Currently my work load is very high and delivery dates could exceed the general timelines.  It is therefore strongly recommended that projects are planned and booked well in advance of any deadline dates.

3.  Do you accept Rush Jobs?

Generally no, but I will try to work with clients individually. If accepted expect a 30% surcharge and full upfront payment. Rush jobs for traditional paintings on canvas are not accepted.

4. Will I receive regular artwork progress updates?

It is an individual step by step process and there will be as much communication as required  until you are happy with the design/painting.  You will receive updates via e-mail and phone calls as needed. Depending on workload there may be periods when you don’t hear from me, but you are always welcome to e-mail or call me for a chat and progress inquiries.

5.  How many drafts  and revisions are  included

It is very important that instructions for any project are clear and detailed. Included within the quoted price, depending on selected option, are initial draft(s), 1-2-3 set(s) revisions, plus final artwork. If more sets of revisions are required the client will be notified in advance and charged $50 for every hour of extra work.

Sketch or Draft: A hasty, undetailed or rough concept, drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
Set of revision: A set of revisions means a list of things to be revised or changed in a design after a draft has been submitted for review and approval to a client.

6.  Do  you use clipart or templates?

No, all my work is exclusive and individually designed. Either hand designed digitally in vector software , hand painted digitally or traditional  with acrylics or oils on canvas. They are not mass produced or off the shelf. They are unique, one of a kind pieces of art and require hours of work.

7.  Is shipping and framing included in the prices?

If applicable shipping up to U$25.00 is included. Framing is not included.  Digital design are delivered via e-mail or file transfer websites.

8. Can I get a refund?

Refunds  are acceptable for payments made upfront where no work was done or delivered. But in case of project termination by client before completion, where sketches, drafts, revisions or finals have already been submitted,  deposits or paid installments are non-refundable. When ordering a commission it is with the understanding that you have read and agree with these terms. Be sure to ask questions before you order.

9. I have other questions…

Please send e-mail