Friendly and Approachable:
You can ask me questions, explain your views and wishes, and I will listen. I  like to inspire and be inspired, I value your creative input and will  try to combine it with my own. I will honestly give  you my artistic views or opinions, but I will not enforce them on you.





Creative and Professional:
Creativity, Imagination and Inspiration, there is nothing I would rather do. I love my work in all it’s facets. Be it for  my own joy, or commercially assisting others to bring their visions and ideas to fruition. I love to put my imagination to work with  an end result that is as pleasing to me as it is for my clients.I strive to bring your ideas to life!





General Pricing Guide:

Illustrations or Designs are generally priced by the hour or as a flat rate. Depending on style, media, size, complexity and characters involved,  price per illustration can vary greatly. In other words the more detail and realism required the more time and cost will be involved. The samples below will give you an idea on what work/cost will be involved per illustration. Please also review my portfolio for style and samples.


Large size illustration:

Includes 3 -10 characters with a detailed background.

$275 – $575.00 per Illustration








Medium size illustration:
Includes 1 – 3 characters, plus a simple background.

$175 – $275 per illustration






Small size illustration
1-2 characters no background.

$125.00 – $175 per illustration




Very small illustration
1 character, no background

$75.00 – 95.00 per illustration




Hourly rate:     $40 – $55






 funds to hire an illustrator or a publisher?
Here are some ideas…


Unless specified otherwise  or by contract prices always include initial draft/sketch, 2 revisions plus final artwork in print ready format. If more revisions are required they can be obtained at an agreed hourly rate. (In case of project termination before completion, agreed hourly rate applies to number of hours of work done thus far). Larger projects, involving multiple illustrations would require a mutually agreed contract.






No Time”, or is it “No Self-Esteem”? | The Ocotea NewsletterTimetable  for Illustrations & Children’s Books:
They can vary greatly depending on artist, style, media, size, complexity, but are often underestimated. If you want to hire me, bear in mind I am a very busy artist.  I am generally engaged in multiple projects running concurrently. Also my style of work is very detailed, meaning it will take longer than a few sketchy cartoons. A single full page illustration with details and background in my style of work can take anywhere from 2 -4 weeks. Spots or partials take less time, but it is smart to plan between 6 – 12 months ahead for a 15 – 30 illustrations children’s book.





The Supreme Court Releases Important Copyright DecisionsOwnership of Rights
Full ownership of rights by default remains  with the artist.
But  can be modified  and established based on individual needs and requests. (contract)







Other questions?
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Flat Rate Packages: