Spring is in the Air – Beautiful Tulip Designs

How about treating yourself or a loved one with a unique Spring surprise? I offer a variety of beautiful T-Shirts with unique Tulip designs. Visit: http://susigalloway.com/merchandise/sample-page/      

Musician’s Website Banner Design

“I started making music in 2006 when I walked into an Apple computers store in Tigard, Oregon and decided to try Garageband with the midi keyboard set up there. I was completely enthralled and made a song inside the store. I ended up buying a Mac mini and a

New Painting – A Breath of Tranquility

New painting! Just completed! This painting was inspired by one of my favored mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada, on Route 395.  The imposing peak in the front, is Mount Whitney. We have had some amazing moments in amazing places up there. Places one can only experience if one is

Cover Design for a Children’s Book

  About the Book: Have you ever wished dreams could come true? That’s what happens in “Tiana’s Nightly Dreams: Teakettle City’s First Cultural Tea Party.” A children picture story book for 3-10 year olds. The New Legacy Kids, led by an imaginative little girl called Tiana, go about their

Digital Coat of Arms Design

We are immensely impressed with Susi’s work converting two heraldic arms into digitized renderings that now have practical utilizations in the modern world. Susi’s attention to detail and ability to let her own creativity shine through work that otherwise calls for accuracy and detail is very impressive. Susi’s artwork

Childrens Book Trailer

Recently I completed the illustrations for Deborah Smith Ford’s second book, from the series titled “Allie’s Adventures.” I have also created the animated book trailer below to accompany the book. About Deborah Smith Ford: Ford’s book series is called “Allie’s Adventures.” Due to the fact that the main character