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Susi is very professional and friendly, and has done a great job on the projects she has done for me. Every time I see my website I am made happy by the great quality digital art Susi made for…


Commission, Musician - Author - Producer

We are immensely impressed with Susi’s work converting two heraldic arms into digitized renderings that now have practical utilizations in the modern world. Susi’s attention to detail and ability to let her own creativity shine through work that otherwise…

The Baron and Lady of Coldingham

Commission, Lordship and Barony of Coldingham, UK

Susi, you have done a wonderful job. I don’t know about you but I miss the Pinocchio “gang” already. Take care and thank you so much for all your fabulous work.

Dr. Hugh Kelley

Commission, Senior Executive Vice President, Sun Classic Pictures

Susi’s artistic style is quite unique!! All narratives come to LIFE with her vibrant imageries. I first chose Susi for her use of bright colors, having NO idea that we had similar backgrounds. As an actress some of the…

Deborah Smith Ford

Commission, Actress & Author - FL, USA
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