“I started making music in 2006 when I walked into an Apple computers store in Tigard, Oregon and decided to try Garageband with the midi keyboard set up there. I was completely enthralled and made a song inside the store. I ended up buying a Mac mini and a midi controller and started making music in Garageband while connecting the Mac Mini to a TV. A lot of my album Heartsong (The Early Mixes) was made with that setup in 2006. I eventually bought a laptop, and in 2007 enrolled in music production school in Portland, Oregon. It was there I first learned how to make music with my current favorite music production DAW; Ableton Live. The majority of my music is made in Ableton Live, with some tracks from Garageband and a few from Logic Pro. My latest music could be labeled Psybient Electronica, or Psy Trip Hop. Some of my older stuff is more a general Melodic Downtempo Electronica. A couple big reasons I make music, is for spiritual enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. I believe the right music is intellectual activism. I use my discography in producing my videos. My first documentary will feature over 20 of my own original tracks. …”  — Omnisense
To read more or  listen to his amazing music please visit…www.omnisense.org