M. Phillips

Susi has been extremely professional, more importantly, her work has been very good. My communication with her has been productive and honest. She is flexible and listens to my concerns and issues, allowing for changes and revisions. Overall, little of such changes and revisions have been necessary because she GETS IT RIGHT – the first time. Again, … she LISTENS to you. ( How Refreshing! ) She also comes up with new and exciting, different approaches for you to consider, allowing her to flex her muscle on the creative end, resulting in FABULOUS new ideas/concepts that I would not have come up with otherwise. She is an true ARTIST. It’s too soon to say – in this project, if she will do the BOOK COVER, which 3 major Publishers have wanted ( Opted to go Self- Publish ) but all things look good, … I will most likely use her work for the WEB SITE, … again, pending. She is prompt with her e mails and deadlines; so far. on a personal note: She is a delight of a person. Author – NYC, USA